"Alison has tremendous talent, she's always learning, and she's a great strategist. She moved our organization forward in remarkable ways, specifically in social listening and digital strategy. She worked proactively and tactfully to shape our culture and articulate our workday values. She's an advocate and example for women in the workplace, and she's great in senior leadership roles."


"Alison is an incredible marketer. She understands what it takes to make content relevant to customers. She has a very analytical mind and questions what needs to be questioned whenever she's facing a decision. I recently saw a marketing plan that Alison put together and wished I had thought of all that. It was well thought out and just brilliant. I would recommend Alison to anyone looking to hire a smart marketer!"


"We invited Alison to speak at one of our marketing events and her presentation was stellar. She's a digital marketing superstar who knows her stuff and is able to communicate her ideas in a clear and compelling way. She's likable, smart and well-connected."


"Sprinklr works with nearly 500 of the world's largest, most socially-savvy brands.
As VP/Marketing, I have the privilege of attending many industry events and hearing from the people at the center of the change that is taking place. In the last year alone, I've heard presentations from nearly 300 different people.
I can tell you with certainty that Alison is truly one of the visionaries in her field...and she backs it up with execution. Her reputation in the industry is stellar and she is an extremely effective-and passionate-communicator.
We are truly fortunate to have her as a client. She is a rare-and most precious-breed of executive."