This Is How You Win at Executive Meetings

I recently went through an executive coaching session on communicating effectively. During that session, a few truth bombs were delivered. One in particular truly resonated that day. Be Brilliant, Be Brief, Be Gone. I had heard this truth before and thought it valuable but thought it was cold or even a bit hierarchical at the […]

5 Values to Build the Bottom Line for Your Work Culture

    If you’ve ever wondered how to more effectively engage your employees/associates/team members/whatever your corporation calls their workforce, the answer is simple.  Get to know your people. What do they value? How can you invest in them?  The amazing result is that as companies invest in their people, a return on investment exhibits through […]

4 Steps To Create Internal Brand Advocates

People matter. People have value.  And yet, sometimes we treat those we interact with on a daily basis with the largest range of emotion, positive to negative.  It’s a frequent issue that individuals take the most constant or valuable constituent for granted.  Nevertheless, when relationships are properly fed and watered, a brand’s own workforce can […]