Meet Alison

Alison J. Herzog 2016 HeadshotAlison J. Herzog works as a marketing director with ownership of global social business and digital marketing strategy for Dell. Her focus at Dell is on creating a customer centric experience through creation of scalable infrastructure, best practices, and optimal grounds for breeding innovative thought leadership in the digital sphere. Herzog is known for innovation, being data-driven, and tactical straightforwardness.. 

“Sprinklr works with nearly 500 of the world’s largest, most socially-savvy brands.As VP/Marketing, I have the privilege of attending many industry events and hearing from the people at the center of the change that is taking place. In the last year alone, I’ve heard presentations from nearly 300 different people.I can tell you with certainty that Alison is truly one of the visionaries in her field…and she backs it up with execution. Her reputation in the industry is stellar and she is an extremely effective-and passionate-communicator. We are truly fortunate to have her as a client. She is a rare-and most precious-breed of executive.”

Alison J. Herzog was raised in the Bay Area and southern Oregon.  She received a B.S. and an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University.  Herzog has been recognized as an influential woman in digital marketing by TopRank, featured by the American Marketing Association, featured on the homepage of SlideShare, by Aspiring Mormon Women in their Career Day section, and has also been published in eBooks on Social Infrastucture and Employee Advocacy alongside other thought leaders in their respective industries.

“I have worked with very few people who live and breathe what they do as Alison does. She is a hard worker, a big thinker, and a passionate advocate for customer service and brand experience. She also can’t help her natural curiosity that keeps her innovating and on the cutting edge of technology and communication innovations. For these reasons, she always had great ideas and business-driven strategic solutions.”