How Targeting Can Help You Move Onward and Upward

This Way Up Moving Boxes

Can you imagine career changes before the digital era? I vaguely remember looking in newspapers for job postings – but for many – this is something they will never know.

In the age of soon-to-be complete world interconnectedness and for many, an always-on digital device, there are some pretty simple ways to make sure you get your name and message in front of the right person who can get you to where you want to go.

It’s simple, really. Target those in a position to hire you or help you get hired. Where? Answer: The places they hang out. Start with Facebook and expand from there.

  1. Determine your desired outcome

  2. Research audience (hiring managers, recruiters, company descriptions, etc.)

  3. Create impactful content specific to audience. Make sure you tell your story. Make it interesting. Know who you are and your value proposition.

  4. Get those ads [potential engagements] flowing!

I did this right before attending SXSW as a test and it was pretty fun to watch the impact. Soon, I saw recruiters begin to view and send requests to me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter (I utilized both Facebook and Twitter for awareness and drove clicks to my LinkedIn profile).

Now, realize, this is a first step. This is a fun, creative (and smart) way to get in front of the right people without having to compete with an application process that most never get through and that will kick you out if you do not match exact criteria or keywords. You will need to invest in relationship research next, but use this as a way to get the right eyeballs and get noticed for something other than a Word doc resume.

My friend Dennis Yu, CTO of Blitzmetrics, has a simple guide that teaches users to spend only $1 a day to reach their intended audience. Take this model and tailor it to your need.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Alison J. Herzog directs global social business and strategy at Dell. Herzog is known for innovation, being data-driven, and tactical straightforwardness.  Oh, and she’s equally left and right-brained.  Freak of nature, maybe. Lover of numbers and beauty? Definitely.

Connect with her at @alisonjherzog on Twitter.

Image credit: io2@flickr